Jessica J. Cunningham

PhD | Evolutionary Game Theory and Optimal Control for Integrated Metastatic Management of Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Attempting to change the mission statement of the Moffitt Cancer Research Center from “To contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer” to instead read: “The contribute to the prevention, long-term management, and cure of cancer.”

Jessica Cunningham, astrophysicist turned cancer biologist, is a research scientist at the Moffitt Cancer Center. Using mathematics as a bridge, she studies metastatic disease at the intersection of clinical oncology and evolutionary ecology. She is particularly interested in revolutionizing how we administer currently available drugs to manage metastatic disease as a long-term chronic condition. Recently she has found inspiration from integrated pest management and hopes to develop a similar ‘integrated metastatic management’ that could drastically reduce drug usage, delay or completely prevent evolution of resistance to available therapies, and lengthen the overall survival of patients with metastatic disease.

Twitter: @CunninghamJessJ
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